Featured Shake - Watermelon

Featured Sundae - French Silk Pie

Three generous scoops of our creamy Swiss Chocolate Custard, flaky Pastry Pieces, a special Cream Cheese Topping, homemade Whipped Cream and Chocolate Flakes.

August 27

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

Tastes like chocolate chip cookie dough! Made with Hershey's chocolate chips and cookie dough chunks

Midnight Chocolate Cake

Rich, dark, sinfully delicious. Chocolate truffel pieces, thick fudge and dark chocolate custard

August 28

Butter Pecan

A butterscotch flavor and whole roasted pecans

German Chocolate Cake

A chocolate,caramel flavor with coconut, fudge and walnut pieces

August 29

Mr Fudgie

Mint custard, Oreo® cookies and plenty of fudge


A classic Italian dessert of espresso-flavored custard, ribbons of fudge and ladyfinger morsels

August 30

Caramel Cashew

Our own caramel with special roasted cashews

Fat Boy

Generous swirls of marshmallow, peanut butter and fudge in a special custard flavor with chocolate covered peanuts

August 31

Cookies 'N Cream

The creamiest custard with big Oreo® chunks


Vanilla custard, loaded with chocolate cookie cone pieces, a ribbon of chocolate and lots of chopped nuts